Glover House
Music Room Wall Case
Due to its historical and architectural significance, Glover House has been recognized as an important Ypsilanti building. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, the Michigan State Register of Historic Sites in 1979, and is in the Ypsilanti Historic District.

This five bedroom, ten room house is about 3,900 sq. ft. and was designed by Detroit Architect Malcomson and Higgenbothum. Alexander Malcomson was an original stock holder in Ford Motor Company when the company was founded in 1903.

The attention to detail lavished on the house is still obvious today. Architecturally speaking, the house is an excellent example of the "Queen Anne" style popular in the last decades of the 19th century. The visual complexities of the exterior massing and detailing produce a picturesque quality much admired in the late Victorian period. This is evidenced in the many projecting features of the exterior such as the porches, dormers, chimneys, bay windows, and turret. Also characteristic of the style is the horizontal layering of the textures and surfaces created by the stone foundation, wood siding, shingles, continuous bands at the window sills and heads, and the slate roofing all stacked one on top of the other.

On the interior, the late-Victorian predilection of ornament is lavishly fulfilled throughout Glover House. European craftsmen did much of the handwork, including ornamental plaster, frescoing, tile work, and woodwork. Almost every room is trimmed in different wood including: birdseye maple, oak, mahogany, birch, ash, butternut, sycamore, cherry, and pine. This use of different wood species to create distinct themes in each room is splendid. The sheer complexity of the minute detail evident in the woodwork throughout the house is exceptional. Swag details are repeated from room to room, and even carried outside along the eaves and rails of the home. Hand carved wood details are throughout the home, some of it so delicate, it had to be attached with needles. The original hand-rubbed piano finish wood most visible in the music room is over 100-years old and is still in perfect condition.

All of the stained and leaded glass windows are complete and in wonderful condition. There are two ceiling frescoes in the music room and dining room. Gesso plaster can be seen in the entryway and stairs, and the main bathroom on the second floor. Parquet floors were used throughout the first floor with each room having a unique pattern. There are five elaborate fireplaces and three chimneys. Four fireplaces are on the first floor and the Master Bedroom on the second floor has a fireplace.

One of the most spectacular buildings in Ypsilanti and SE Michigan. The Glover House is a block from my house. I will be designing and building a Wallbookcase for the owners. The bookcase will replace store bought units and must be designed to look "like it was there from the beginning" 

A great challenge as the home has some extraordinary moldings, carvings and architectural details- Any or all of which can be used for the new design.

Below are a few photos of the details found in "the Music Room" where the bookcase will be installed.
The Present Bookcases.
DetailsDetails Details!
Details of the vaughlted ceiling  from the music room
Details of the Crown Moldings from the doorways in the music room
Brackets from the fireplace in the music room
More History of the Glover House
Drawings for New Casepiece
Progress Shots