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{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
This  Music Stand is a combination of the stands on the left built for the Salmagundi Art Club of New York in 2015 and the Stands on the right built in August 2018 employing a new Desk Angle Adjustment Mechanism.

This is the third stand to employ the use of a Desk Angle Adjustment Mechanism designed by my Dad-Roland Young.
When the lock lever is lowered, the Desk can be rotated 360 degrees or removed from the stand.
When the lock lever is raised, the Desk is locked in place.
The G/F Cleff pin allows the the stand to be altered in working height.
A front activated- spring loaded lever allows the user to shift the angle of music from flat-0 degress to straight up and down - 90 degrees and three angles in between.
This stand was completed March 9, 2019. The stand is made from Cherry with a Black Lacquer finish and shop made Brass Hardware and Detailing.