The Bathroom Remodel is just over a year ago but still feels fresh and new.
Made as wedding gift for Spencer and his new bride Rebekah, this hope chest is made from solid walnut, and sapele, with veneers of anigre and walnut. The interior is lined with aromatic cedar. A photograph of the couple taken on their wedding day is inset into the lid-and can be seen when the lid is opened. Gilded inset carvings frame the photograph.
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I built a walnut countertop for some clients a few years ago. These clients are building a new house in Bloomfield Hills . The kitchen island calls for a 48"by 94" solid Walnut Countertop.
This "Wedge Table" is for my sister.  The third piece for her with a similar top theme.
Eileen found this Singer Sewing Machine languishing in an Upper Peninsula Thrift Shop- after many months collecting dust in the shop I finally finished re-finishing the machine.
This Cherry Slab was just installed as a Countertop for a Kitchen Island in a Kitchen Remodeling Project.
We had an old grate laying around the basement for years. I also had a bunch of balusters given to me by a friend -Eileen, said "You should make a table out of these."
This is the result.
Getting the bathroom remodeled led to work on two of the bedrooms on either side of the bathroom.
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Granddaughter Lyriel Joy arrived on May 18- This cradle for her is made of Walnut and Hickory
{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}

WoodwardWoodworks NEWS  December, 2013

In June we spent a wonderful week at the cabin. Jane and Miles drove over from Grand Forks with my Dad. Eileen's Mom and Rebekah and Spencer were there too.
Granddaughter Lyriel Joy arrived on May 18-
On January 5 we celebrated the marriage union of Spencer and Rebekah. It was a most Blessed day. Then on December 6- they became Homeowners!
The Anzelons paid us a  visit in the summer. It was wonderful to see Cory again and meet his lovely wife Veronika and new daughter-Arianna
Mark gave a concert at Risen Christ Lutheran Church raising funds for World Vision
Greg and Melissande in a rare moment of solitude! Melissande is home schooling the children.  After several years at Truven Health Analytics Greg just started a new job at Parishsoft in Ann Arbor,  He has also kicked the cars out of the garage and started up a forge and metal working shop.
O'Neill just turned 27 and is Sous Chef at Angelfood Catering in Belleville Michigan. He has been putting in a lot of effort on his house both inside and out. Last summer he had to replace a major section of plumbing.
Late last year Eileen took on the role of Music and Worship Leader at Risen Christ Lutheran Church in Plymouth where she chooses the music and directs the Worship Teams and the Choir. Eileen maintains contact with the St. Luke Community as she plays for the noon Lenten and Advent Services at University Lutheran Chapel.
No family gathering is complete without his lucious baked goods!
Our Grandchildren give us great joy-from left to right here are
Warrick-3 years, Lyriel-7 months, Rowan-7  years and Seraphine 2 years.

Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan
734 218-5803
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Richard E. Young (9/27/1919-11/23/2013)

My dear Uncle Dick lived a long a full life-Serving his Creator,Family and Country. Uncle Dick served in the US Army during WW 11 and again in Korea. He engaged in heavy duty action inside a tank across France and Germany. Like many men from his time-He spoke little about his war experience but lived all his days with an understanding of this mortal frailness and an eye towards Eternity. Herbert Young instructed his three boys Richard,Franklin and Roland to learn to work with their hands and learn a trade.
All three men did so-Dick learned the trade of a Machinist and Tool and Die Maker. He operated Young Manufacturing in Grand Forks for over 50 years. When not in his shop Uncle Dick was most happy playing music-A self taught keyboard player he played the organ and piano and filled his time playing and singing Gospel Hymns. His family will miss him deeply but will see him again. My Dear Uncle took great joy in writing annual poem at Christmastime.  I looked forward to this annual tiding with anticipation and will now treasure these  in memory. In his last few years Uncle Dick was not able to compose the letters. I believe this letter from 2010 may have been the last he wrote.
Here are some pictures and news of the family. As 2013 starts to wind down and 2014 approaches I have much for which to be thankful.

And finally the highlight of this year for me began 30 years ago, without this none of the other Blessings on this page would be here... ...

On a Sunday morning in January of 1983, a beautiful young lady walked into the fellowship hall of Samuel Lutheran Church in Muskegon, Michigan. My life was about to change. The young lady was holding a 15 month old child. the rest of the story
I made a pair of Medicine Cabinets from Cherry for a client's bathroom.

Dear friends, family and clients:
I've decked the WoodwardWoodworks halls with the colors of the season and wish for you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. It's been over a year since I posted a Woodworking Newsletter. Activity in the shop has come and gone over the last year-I had a stoppage in work for a bit over the summer after a strange encounter with "Transient Global Amnesia" a brief period where I lost all memory and awareness. I just had a 6 month check up and all seems well. So I look forward to more time in the shop in 2014. Here is a bit of a recap of the last 12 months or so of shop work plus a number of personal/family events.
Since graduating from Hillsdale College last May, Rebekah has been working for Parishsoft in Ann Arbor,  Spencer joind the parent company of Ideal Contracting in Detroit. He will be part of the team that is  building a large  renovation to the general Motors plant in Hamtramck ,Michigan