When I set out to build a piece of furniture I must take into account a number of factors.
Some of the questions I need to  ask include:
What is the function of the piece?
How much space is allotted for the proposed piece?
What type of wood, finish and hardware?

Once I have an understanding of these basic requirements I set out to make a drawing. For about a year and half now I have been using a 3d program called Sketchup  from Google. This program allows me great flexibility in modeling proposed designs.
Here is an example of a piece I drew in Sketchup.

Okay, it's time for some True Confessions in this little article.
Not all of my "drawings" are as detailed as the Sketchup renderings.
Many of you know that I am a regular church attendee. But if you happen to glance my way during the sermon you may notice my head pointed down and you may see a pen or pencil in active motion. Your inclination may be to think... "He is taking Sermon Notes!" ...uh no...
I am doodling...But! Before you 'draw' the wrong conclusion, I'll insist that the drawing activity actually allows my mind to concentrate better on the words coming down from on high.  A very similar scene can be observed at work-during meetings and conference calls. My work note books have references to the items being discussed, but along side of the notes are frequent drawings and doodles that may or may not be connected to a piece of furniture I actually intend to build. Click the drawing to see more!

Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
734 218-5803
Here is a new section of the newsletter. We'll see some behind the scenes activities at WoodwardWoodworks.
On a  recent Saturday I visited Ed, who has been rehabbing a house. I wanted to see the work he had accomplished. I enjoyed seeing all the efforts he had put into the house. Then he showed me a newel post and piece of cherry he wanted to use as a cap for the post. Ed wanted to put some Greene and Greene style pegs into the cap. I told him to bring the piece to my place and we'd take care of the job. Ed brought his 9 year old son Noah with him. I wasn't sure how interested Noah would be to see the shop so I asked if he would prefer to stay upstairs and watch the Pistons game on TV. To my surprise he chose to come down to the shop.

I proceeded to show Ed my new Mill Drill and the Fluting Jig I made. Ed thought they were cool but Noah was just as interested as his Dad-In fact he was totally excited about all the machines and the couple of projects I had underway. One project is a table that will have a beaded detail along the aprons. Earlier in the day I had my beading tool out running beads for the project. Noah(9 years old) wanted to try it out..... The young lad has an incredible aptitude for this type of work. He never lost interest in all the time he and his dad were in the shop-which had to be over three hours. Noah has a great sense  of intuitive understanding for the machines and for the woodworking operations that I showed him. I was really energized by the experience...I just wish I had more pictures.

My first story is about Ed and Noah. My friend Ed is an electrician and has helped me out numerous times in my shop with wiring issues and helped out with many logistical tasks for the Milwaukee Furniture Shows.
Drawing the furniture and odd doodlings.
Must have been Valentines' Day?
News and Recent Activities from the shop of Alan Young.
In this edition we'll see how to get a 700 pound machine
from a delivery truck on the street to a bench in the basement-
"a cappella".....
We'll talk about designs, drawings and doodles....
and we have a visit to the shop from a good friend and his son...
Woodward Woodworks News May 2008
In our last news letter we made mention of furniture seen in movies-particulary some of the stories of Jane Austen that have been turned into films. 
I decided to build
"Mr. Darcy's Writing Desk"
HEY!  What's at the
other end of this rope?
  Behind the Furniture
In this section we'll take a peek at some of the "nuts and bolts" I use in the shop-and how do the nuts and bolts get to the shop?Let's start with "The Jig and the Mill"
No, It's not about a dance at flour grinding.....
Read on!.......
Mr. Darcy's desk has fluted legs.
Here is the jig I built for the operation.
Moving a 700 pound machine from the back end of your truck to a table in your basement all by yourself?...
See how I did it.....
This spring the shop had a new addition---not more floor space but a Mill Drill....

Wow!  a 700 pound Green Machine!

114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
734 218-5803

Woodward Woodworks
Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young

MAY 18,2008

High School Diploma -  WTMC- Washtenaw Technical Middle College

College Track-WCC-Washtenaw Community College
Certificate in Residential Construction and Design
Two Year- Associate Degree in Residential Construction and Design.

Spencer will attend Eastern Michigan University in the Fall in
pursuit of a business degree.
Spencer Alan Young 19.
And last but not least-Sunday May 18, 2008
Spencer Alan Young 19- our youngest, graduated from a dual track program for High School and Two year College Associates program from Washtenaw Technical Middle College and Washtenaw Community College.
The Writing Desk for Mr. Darcy
is Finished
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