Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young

Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
734 218-5803
Fabrication began with the main carcass framing including the door.
Then I moved on to the brass grill for the upper portion of the door. I started by cutting 1/4 inch brass stock to slightly longer lengths. Then I bent one piece around an 8" round piece of plywood. This began the arched section of the grill. It would later get bent around smaller radi.
At this point I took the door frame and the brass on a road trip to my Dad-Roland Young and his shop in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
 Dad retrofit this small band saw with a pivoting fence so we could cut the various angles required for these brass pieces.
 Here is a 45 degree cut for one of the outside pieces.
 The first outside pieces were silver soldered on Dad's welding bench.
 Then we moved to a special jig Dad designed and built to clamp and solder the main four out side grill sections to a rectangle form.
 After soldering the main ractangle-we moved to the arch at the bottom of the grill.
 After bending the brass around a plywood form (see photo above) We found the perfect radius was the cast cap to CO2 tank for Dad 's mig welder. We bent the brass to this tighter radius. (No pictures) then placed the arch in the milling machine to mill the ends flat
 We clamped the arch in the jig and Dad soldered it in place.
 From there we cut, clamped and soldered the rest of the pieces one at a time.
 When we got to the point of soldering close joints on the arch-we clamped aluminum close to the joints to act as a heat sink so previous joints wouldn't possibly seperate.
 The last two pieces were soldered with the grill clamped back on Dad's bench.
After Dad completed the soldering I filed and sanded the joints and created a form fitting molding to hold it in the main door frame.
The grill and glass are installed in the next page. Click the link below.