Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young

Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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The cap is installed. Next step is to mount the bushings for the G/F Cleff Pull Pin.  
The initial holes were drilled when the stock was square. 
Now I am enlarging them to accommodate the brass bushings.
The brass bushings are temporarily set. They will be fully inserted and epoxied later.
The G/F Cleff is test fit. The pin will be shortened.
OK- Back to work on the tripod base. Lots of filing and sanding.....
The transition from the arch of each leg to pad foot needs some structural reinforcement as the grain direction of the wood  changes.  I cut a 1/2inch groove through this transition point and glue a baltic birch plywood spline in the groove.
 I made a custom router plate and bar to cut a groove for support splines in each leg
The Baltic birch splines are epoxied into each foot and leg section.
The brass hardware for the foot sections.
A first coat of finish on the tripod base.