Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young

Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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I need to start work on the mounting plates. They will need to be drilled and milled with elongated slots. I started looking at the design I sent earlier and realised I have suggested the slab is mounted with no overhang towards the kitchen sink side.
This is the original steel plate designed to allow the Slab to be mounted to the Wall.
The four downward screws fasten the plate to the Wall. The six up ward screws fasten the plate to the Slab.
With this design the screws on the right will be impossible to put in as they can't be accessed with any type of screwdriver.
I am wondering if the slab can be mounted with an overhang towards the kitchen side. How much space will there be between the faucett and handles and the slab if it is mounted over the wall towards the sink?
Here are some renderings with the plates and the slab overhanging the wall towards the sink. Will this work?