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{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
Music Stand for Salmagundi Club of New York
Here is where you'll see the progress and development of the Base, Center Post and Desk. The individual brass pieces will be documented under the Brass Fabrication link and then incorporated here as the Stand pieces develop.
I took a break from working on the bases and started the layout and cutting of the pieces for the desks.
The wooden columns are test fit with the brass before being glued up and turned on the lathe.
Desks are loosely clamped and place on top of the columns to see how it will look.
Ok-Time to glue things up-I am using a two part structural epoxy.  It takes 24-36 hours to set and strengthens further over 48 hours.
The two columns are epoxied with splines for strength and alignment  and the other desk is out of the clamps-ready for lots of sanding and refining.
Today (Saturday 2/14/2015) I roughed-out the turnings of the columns,
I left a larger diameter section at the bottom of the columns. The square sections will get cut-off when no more turning is needed.
I  think I like the  turnings like this-A slightly larger section at the bottom transitioning to the slightly slimmer section in the middle then the "Grab here" sections. What do you think? I can still mount these back in the lathe and turn the lower section even with the mid-section if you want.
Again- the square parts get cut off when we conclude we're done with the profile- leaving the turned sections.
Working on the hardware that will secure the turned columns to the tri-foot bases.
I fabricate a rectangular block from aluminum that will be a plug in the bottom of the turned wooden column. The block is drilled and tapped for a 1/2"-13 bolt/threaded rod. After the bolt/rod is threaded into the block-a second hole is drilled and tapped for a 1/4"2- screw-rod.
The block and 1/2-13 bolt/rod are inserted into the bottom of the column. The then 1/4-20 screw is threaded into the entire piece- 
 I will cut of the hex head from the bolt then it will run through the Tripod base and be tightened with a plate and nut.
I began to fit some of the Brass Fixturing to the stands. 
A height adjustment pin features a G/F clef design .
The brass riser is squared off and extends from a brass cap with a squared opening
Quarter inch diameter brass rods are inserted through the underside of the desk. The holes will be capped off later.
The Desk Angle Adjustment Mechanism (DAAM) set here at 60 degrees
I am working on a process that will add some strength to the foot structure of the tripod bases. To counter the short grain sections I made a curved dado cut in the underside of each foot.
Then I cut splines from Baltic Birch plywood cut to the same 8" radius.  These pieces will be epoxied into the dado cut.
After the epoxy sets I'll trim the splines to the profile of each shape. 
Baltic Birch plywood splines are trimmed to the profile.
A brass pad will be fastened to the bottom and a brass cap will be fastened to the top of each foot...
I need to make pads for three more feet then lots of sanding on the wood sections and polishing on brass pieces then the stands will be ready for the finishing. I am still making arrangements to meet with a finisher who works with a piano maker to discuss the application of a Black Gloss Finish.