Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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You've probably heard the phrase "One good turn deserves another"
My current project itinerary has three such examples, each in various states of completion.  These projects have been inspired by a commission from a previous client or in one case a repeat client.

I have just finished a large Media Wall for a client who commissioned a
Spice Cabinet from me over ten years ago.

I am just putting the finishing touches on a music cabinet for a client in Long Island, New York.
This cabinet is based on a cabinet I completed just a few months ago for a friend who teaches
piano and needed a cabinet in which to store sheet music.

And finally I have a pair of painted bookcases in the works that were influenced by a
pair of bookcases I built just over a year ago.

Woodward Woodworks
Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young

114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
734 218-5803
@2008 alan young

One Good Turn
Spice Cabinet
Media Wall
Cabinet  I for Sheet Music
Cabinet  II
for Sheet Music
Illuminated Cottage Bookcases
Painted Bookcases with Motawi Tiles
As I mentioned in the first article, I am finishing up a cabinet for a client in Long Island.
When it's finished, Eileen and I will pack up some things including the cabinet and head east for a week. First is a stop to see some friends in Mid-Lower New York State, then the delivery in Long Island where the client is a choir director and a pianist and his wife is a music teacher. So Eileen and I will really be  wondering what we could possibly talk about when we make the delivery!  After a day or so in NY we'll head down the coast for a couple more stops. First to visit Ellis Walentine who lives just outside of Philadelphia.

For the last ten years Ellis has maintained one of the Best woodworking sites on the web
Before starting WoodCentral, Ellis was editor of American Woodworker Magazine.
This is the publication on which I cut my woodworking teeth. Under his hand the magazine had outstanding articles and information. Each issue was "Magic in my Mailbox". Ellis has many years of experience  as a designer and craftsman. His knowledge of design, woodworking techniques and processes as well as People and Events in the industry is unparalleled.
I am beyond excited to be stopping to visit his shop and operation.
After the visit to WoodCentral headquarters, we'll be heading off to Baltimore where we'll be staying with friends from college that I haven't seen in more than 25 years!
While in Baltimore Ill be scouting out the Fine Furnishings Show.
I was an exhibitor at the FFS in Milwaukee in 2006 and 2007.
Baltimore looks to be an interesting prospect.  The venue alone looks spectacular!

Hitting the Road

1st Annual
Fine Furnishings &
Fine Craft Show - Baltimore
May 2-3, 2009
France-Merrick Performing Arts Center
12 N. Eutaw Street, Baltimore, MD

If time permits on the way home we'll invade the shop and writing space of AJ Hamler.

AJ is a woodworking writer for WoodshopNews, a former editor of the same magazine and
and former editor of Woodcraft Magazine where he commissioned me to build these two tables in 2005

AJ also more than dabbles in Science Fiction and Civil War re-enactment, and like yours truly;
AJ was a broadcaster for many years. Again I'll be scratching my head to think of something to say.
I am looking forward to seeing some truly great friends and
I'll have a whole Newsletter devoted to this trip when I return.