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Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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Painted Cottage Bookcases.
October 2007
I finished a pair of "Cottage"
Styled Bookcases with Illumination.
A Piano Bench
December 2007
We needed a new bench for a baby grand piano so here's what  came about.
Classic Music Stand
August 2007
Carved Coffee Table
September 2007
Rustic Oak Table
and Two Benches
January 2007
Queen Sized Bunk Bed
June 2007
This Queen Sized Bunk Bed pushed my shop to limits-An outside-the- shop finishing job before it left for Georgian Bay in Canada
Two Occasional Tables
July  2007
A pair of occasional tables were an abrupt reversal of the rough and ready look of the Trestle Table and Benches. These called for  smooth refined lines.

The year began with a commission of unique sorts- I built a table and bench that utilizes rough cut lumber-and keeps all the rough cut surfaces in tact. A challenging assignment but I had a lot of fun making a table and these two benches.
Fireplace Corbels
March 2007
Here is an architectural commission for a set of large corbels to flank a fireplace. This came about in March of this year.
Rustic Testle Table
and Four Benches
June 2007
After completing the Rustic Table and benches in January a similar  commission came about-
only the table was a trestle table
and now four benches.
In an effort to keep in the good graces of Eileen I built her this coffee table
I wanted another Music Stand so I plucked away at this piece over the summer months.
Dear friends, family and clients:
I've decked the WoodwardWoodworks halls with the colors of the season and wish for you a
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

My last newsletter for 2007 finds the shop oddly still as the year comes to a close. The first three quarters of the year were filled with  unprecedented activity levels. The last couple of months though, the shop has been nearly quiet as a church mouse. But that is well with me as I have been able to enjoy the preparations for Christmas in an un hassled fashion.  As you scroll down you'll see pictures and links to the projects and pieces I've enjoyed building this year. And in spite of the slow times recently, 2007 was in fact the most successful year to date!

Since the last news letter in October I have finished up two projects. A  Bench for our Piano  and a set of Bookcases with interior illumination-Very Cool!

2007 the Year in Review.
You've likely seen most of these pieces in news letters from earlier this year but it's December and time for a review!
WoodwardWoodworks NEWS  December, 2007
I exhibited my work at the 2nd Annual
Fine Furnishings Show in Milwaukee
the weekend of September 29-30,2007. I wrote a small book about the trip.
Read it here:
2007 Milwaukee Fine Furnishings Show
Red and Green and White are they
the colors used for Christmas Day.

Red brings joy so bright and merry,
Scarlet Box and Holly Berry

Green is Hope the Pine and Tree
a symbol in it's symmetry.

White is Faith
a Shining Star, to light us where shadows are.

Hang the colors brave and high
to greet the strangers who pass by
To call at window door and wall a
Merry Christmas to you all!
I leave you with the text to a Christmas carol I sang many years ago. I can't recall the author although it may be Christina Rossetti.