Rustic Oak Table 
and Two Benches
January 2007 
Queen Sized Bunk Bed
June 2007 
Fireplace Corbels
March 2007 
Two Occasional Tables
July  2007 
Carved Coffee Table
August 2007
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 Cottage Bookcases.
Milwaukee Fine Furnishings Show 2007 Line up
Dear friends,
I hope this newsletter finds you well. It's been since last March that I sent an update. In the mean time,  a good number of projects has kept my focus in the shop-and that is where every woodworker desires to be- working on wood in the wood shop...But it is a good thing to sweep up now and then,  put things in order and check to see what has been  accomplished.
 So if you'll indulge me a bit here is an update on things that have been "growing" in my shop. 
Kind regards, Alan

Next was an architectural commission for a set of large corbels to flank a fireplace. This came about in March of this year.
The year began with a commission of unique sorts- I built a table and bench that utilizes rough cut lumber-and keeps all the rough cut surfaces in tact. A challenging assignment but I had a lot of fun making a table and these two benches.
Rustic Testle Table 
and Four Benches
June 2007 
A pair of occasional tables were an abrupt reversal of the rough and ready look of the Trestle Table and Benches. These called for  smooth refined lines.

This Queen Sized Bunk Bed pushed my shop to limits-An outside-the- shop finishing job before it left for Georgian Bay in Canada
I was hoping to finish off the run for the Milwaukee Show with a pair of painted bookcases in a "cottage style" but the clock moved faster than me so I'll be finishing these pieces up after the show. They will be simple but sophisticated  pieces when all is wrapped up.
In an effort to keep in the good graces of Eileen I built her this coffee table
Classic Music Stand
August 2007 
I wanted another Music Stand so I plucked away at this piece this summer.
The big approaching event for me  is September 29 and 30 . I'll be loading a number of items into a van and heading off to Milwaukee for the  Fine Furnishings Show. Last year was my first professional show and I received an award for Best in Show in the category of  Traditional Furniture. That was very exciting. There will be 40 new exhibitors this year so the surroundings should be impressive.

I'll be taking several pieces back that I had last year as well as three new pieces. I'll be in booth 338. 
For a look at the pieces I'll display this year, check out the link here:
So now that I've swept up a bit let's see what else was lying around under the dust...
After completing the Rustic Table and benches in January a similar  commission came about-
only the table was a trestle table
and now four benches.
(click  on each photo to see more detailed pictures.) 
If you cannot read the information below, click here.
A final note:
I was asked recently if I enjoyed what I was working on or if the project had become something  just to get through...
My answer was "Not  at all! I am enjoying this."
That made me think a bit deeper about how fortuante I am to have been asked to build the pieces I've made. It truly is a joy for me to see the request  for something functional  turn into a quest for function and beauty. I don't know if it allways ends that way-but the opportunity to be part of it happening when it does is a thrill. So to all of my clients this year and the years past- Thank you for letting me "play around in my shop" at your request.