Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
734 218-5803
Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
734 218-5803
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These two new cabinets headed west---The "C-Clef" cabinet went to a client in Scottsdale Arizona and the Art Deco design cabinet is in Cameron Park, California. These are based on a cabinet I made in 2009 for a terrific couple in Long Island New York. 
These Twin Music Stands were
 designed and built to adorn the new  Shigeru Kawai semi-concert grand Piano for the Salmagundi Club of New York
This Game Table was built for a client in Laguna Woods, California
This Case-On-Stand was designed to hold an historic Bible for Levy Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas
"from California to the New York Island"... lines from Woody Guthrie's ballad describe the client location for the last year and the coming months.
The travels of pieces from the shop began in January of 2015 when two Sheet Music Cabinets headed west to Camden Park, California-near Sacramento and Scottsdale, Arizona.  

Then in May two Music Stands left for the Big Apple and Manhattan when they arrived at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. 

In August a Case on Stand to display an Antique Bible traveled south to Little Rock Arkansas and then in November, a Game Table took a long ride to Laguna Woods, California-between LA and San Diego, and finally a Chess Ensemble headed off to San Francisco... 
This Chess Ensemble was made as a gift to my Son-in-law who took a job in San Fransisco. The is a "Bay Area Battle" with pieces designed to reflect the Oakland Raider and San Francisco 49ers. The pawns were designed to resemble footballs 
 In the coming few months another music stand and a sheet music cabinet are scheduled to travel to the Geographic Center of North America-Rugby, North Dakota, and finally a media cabinet will head of to the nation's capitol in Washington DC.  In the meantime other pieces have  stayed closer to home. Here is a closer look at what's left the shop this year and what's in the works---
At the Risk of violating The sage advise of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, I offer you News from WoodwardWoodworks and 
the Home of Alan and Eileen
Our family Map got real Big in a hurry this year when Greg was offered and accepted a job with a start-up in San Francisco
The possibilities of the move began early in 2015 then dwindled to nearly nothing and suddenly became reality in the late summer.
So Greg and Melissande sold their house and packed up their 5 Kids Lyriel 2, Rowan 9, Warrick 5, Seraphine 4 and Marjorie Ann now 4 months then headed off to Concord CA -east of San Francisco by about 45 minutes.
We are blessed to have the rest of our family still close
O'Neill is a constant joy to us- He flourishes as a Long Term Member of the Angelfood Catering staff- This past summer he enjoyed a trip to Scotland,Wales and England 
Little Beatrice will be celebrating her second Christmas with Mommy and Daddy-Rebekah and Spencer.
Eileen and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this past spring with a trip to the West Coast where we visited loved ones from both of our families.
Marcy and Mark hosted our wonderful week long stay in LA.
Then we headed up the coast to Oregon where family gathered for the Wedding of my Nephew Seth and his Lovely Bride- Joy
We landed on our anniversary and that evening we renewed our vows with Mark officiating and singing a song he wrote just for Us!   Later we were given terrific tours of the Greene and Greene neighborhoods of Pasadena, A full Day at Disneyland a run down to the San Diego coast to see Todd, Myra and Uncle Albert Grennan. 
 Thank you so much  Marcy and Mark!!!
After the wedding we spent a couple days with Miles and Jane and Cousins Mary and Ron who showed us the Oregon Coast, and the Evergreen Air Museum with the Spruce Goose!
The last piece from 2015-A Liturgical Credenza for 
Glacier Hills Retirement Center of Ann Arbor. This piece will probably be delivered in January 2016
First up in 2016 will be a Case Piece designed around a Stained Glass Window, This Media cabinet will go to a client in Washington D.C.
And I will be making at least one more music stand in 2016.
Click the picture to see the Spruce Goose!
A very warm late November and early December allowed for a complete scraping and painting of the house.
(Before and After Pictures can be seen by clicking on this picture)
Earlier in the year -Feb 2-The day after the Super Bowl-I had a second episode of Amnesia and was hospitalized for a couple of days. I was placed on driving restrictions for 6 months but was allowed to return to work. I am ever so grateful to my dear wife Eileen, O'Neill, Spencer, Greg, Joel, Jeff,  and all who without any hesitation drove me to and from work, Home Depot, Church and any and every place I needed to go.
 Although my driving privileges were restored late last summer this sort of experience really does cause one to examine their eventual mortality. That coupled with 5 of our grandchildren moving far away this year makes me realize how dependent we are on others-whether we realize it or not-We are all still in some way children. And so I'd like to share this short, beautiful piece of music I first heard this past summer. It's not a Christmas Carol or even a "spiritual piece" but it is about childhood and it is as a child that we can best meet The Child. 

Merry Christmas
And now that you have now either read, skimmed or plain old skipped to the end of this page, here's one final thought-