Glover House
Music Room Wall Case
I wanted to incorporate one of the turned details from the vaulted ceiling.
Five done- one to go.
Looks kinda like rabbits breeding!
I made six of these elements to use at the base of the bookcase.
Looks like a  bunch of R2D2's!
Well time to work the top section.  I run a bunch of crown molding and attched the first three corbels to the top.
No going back now- They are attched firmly.  I''ll do some final tuning on  them a bit later.
That corner looks pretty wierd the way it is now.  This is of course, just the right side of the unit. The left side will have the completed corned that will return to the back wall. The right side of this unit will just dead end to the right side wall-There will be no corner to wrap. 
The left and right  sections will be joined by a center section -just slighly wider than one of the individual verticle sections. ie..there will be five sections allthogther. The center section of the crwon will aslos protroude out ward an inch or so.... This will be a tricky thing to join the crown profiles on the left, center and right all over a floor that is 130+ years old!  stay tuned foir the fun....
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