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Music Room Wall Case
Well I was looking at the  Plinth  details and was just not happy with they way they looked.
I trimmed down the upper section to just the ball and the first bead.  For the lower section I cut off the beveled blocks and replaced them with new blocks that were formed with the same bit as the crown crown molding.  Of you only see a portion of the crown profile, but it  subtly unites the base and the top and gives these individual pieces the character I was looking for.

The long piece down the middle is there basically to cover two holes which allow the Plinths to get  screwed to the face frame.
The were  OK  but just didn't seem to fit.  So I remade them. 
Here they are -out of the clamps and attached to the face frame with an accompanying molding. The molding profile was again  taken from the Crown Molding bit.  I think I'll use the prfile when it comes time to face the front of the individual shelves.
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