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Music Room Wall Case
About half way through this project I diverted attention to the arrival of a new saw.  It's actually a 1973 Delta Unisaw and I'm delighted to have it in my shop. 

After it was set up I resumed work on the bookcases.  I kept the older saw in the shop as it has a router table mounted on the side and the overall structure works great for a moveble work bench.
Here I am routing a series of dados for the second set of the bookcase structure. I have another router that can be mounted in the table. Here I am using the plunge router.  People say you can never have too many clamps- I think you can never have too many table saws either!
The cases are fabricated and glued up. This includes 20 adjustable shelving strips.  These are glued to the verticle sections of the cases. The strips in the lower units have 12 holes spaced 2" apart. The upper units have 17 holes. Alltogether that's 290 holes for this set,  580 holes when you include the first set.
The crown molding has been completed around the corner of the upper case. A Frame and Panel look will complete the sides.
The process begins with framing the plywwood, an applied molding  completes the look.
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