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Music Stand for Salmagundi Club of New York
 An exposed view of the DAAM showing the spring loaded pull pin and the angle rotation disk.
I began work on the stands with fabrication of the brass pieces. The Desk Angle Adjustment Mechanisms are first.
Here are the final parts for each DAAM
The main Block is connected to the Rising Pole with a 1/2 steel rod. The rod is fixed to each piece with a 1/4-20  set screw.
Here are the parts to the Spring Load Pull Pin and Pull Pin Mounting Block.
The Pull Pin Block houses a spring loaded brass Pull Pin.

The Pull Pin Block is then mounted to the main block.

The rotation angled disk is inserted into the groove of the main block and rotates on the upper 1/4-20 mounting screw.
The Outside Knob is attached to the Pull Pin.
A Cover Plate is mounted to the opposite side of the Main Block.
Vertical-----0 degrees.
The DAAM are designed to operate in four different fixed positions.
30 degrees.
60 degrees.
Horizontal---90 degrees.
{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
In my previous Music Stands I built an adjusting mechanism similar to music racks found in Grand Pianos. There was a significant drawback to this design-
 If there was a manuscript with too much weight the whole rack could tip forward unless it was on the farthest back setting. So I set about to design a mechanism that would allow for adjustments but lock into place. 
After many hours at the drawing board I settled on this 
Spring Loaded Pull Pin Design

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