{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
Music Stand for Salmagundi Club of New York
The finishing process has started.
The finishing process begins with a coat of glue sizing-Thinned hide glue is applied to seal and fill the surface.
Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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Almost ready for the Red Carpet!
Then each surface is sanded and a primer applied
Black Lacquer is applied after priming--these pictures are of the fresh first coat. The first coat will then get sanded and receive a second coat of black lacquer with a possible a third a and then a clear top coat
The towers still have just one coat of Black lacquer but I wanted to install the Brass Hardware to check the fit.
The Stands are in the finish process-This includes polishing up the Brass-Here are a "few" of the shop-made brass pieces
Partially assembled to see how the brass pieces are fitting.

After the glue sizing is After the glue sizing is applied I sanded it smooth then proceeded to us I sanded it smooth then proceeded to use a series of products from the Amy Howard at Home Line.

A primer, then a black lacquer and a clear top coat lacquer