Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
Music Stand for Salmagundi Club of New York
I then moved on to fabrication of the G/F Clef pieces for the height adjustment pins
{Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young}
 A little refining to do but the pieces are taking shape.
The profile is secured to the brass with double sided tape.  I drill out the enclosed areas with an end mill.
Then I moved to the band saw and cut around the profile.
After the profile is outlined it's file file file and sand sand sand.
A long time friend watching my process suggested the relief profile would benefit from a contrasting background so I mixed up some black epoxy and filled the relief with it.
I milled and filed the surface. I will need a second application to fill the gaps that didn't flow.
I think the overall-effect works though.
Here is the medallion after the second round of epoxy fill.
Here is the entire structure that gets mounted to the post
The medallion is mounted opposite the Height Adjustment pin.
Here are the pieces formed and set into the posts
The final pieces of ​Brass are these pieces for the Desk rods.These piece are made to capture the 1/4 inch brass rods and are set into the Desk Frames of the Music Stands. 
One of the details that needed to be incorporated into the stand design was the Salmagundi Club Logo
I looked into having these pieces outsourced through a 3D printing process but decided in the end to make it myself. I drew up a design on the computer-printed it out and glued it to the surface of a brass plate. I then free hand milled out the profile and refined it with lots of hand filing and sanding.