In a recent Woodwardwoodworks News letter, I made mention of some of the furniture that I had seen in movies-particulary the stories of
Jane Austen that have been turned into films.  After seeing all those Jane Austen films I set out to design a piece that might have a chance of aquiring Mr. Darcy's "Good Opinion"
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Mr. Darcy's Writing Desk
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Ok A Writing Desk it shall be!
Here is the design.
This desk is based on the Curved Corned Cabinet I built in 2006
This design features turned and fluted legs, a drawer with tamboured front and a case with compound curves.
A chair will follow.

to those in Mr. Bingley's possession (Netherfield Hall)
We'll see when it's finished.

Maybe this guy will want it?
I don't make reproductions because I take too many diversionary paths and the Furniture Police would most certainly jail me for any number of violations...none of which will I reveal less an Officer of the Reproductions team is surfing nearby....

But I'll say that my goal was to produce a piece that has the look and feel of something you might find in one of those settings.

Having said that-The social structure described in the Austen novels and  depicted in the various film versions-can offer a fairly wide design pallet. Certainly the producers of these pieces had much to consider. If you compare the Bennet household furnishings  in three different versions (which I have  :^)
and the subsequent settings of Rosings Park
and Pemberly Estate,'ll see quite a range of detail in the furnishings and architecture.

Mrs. Bennet certainly knows when she sees stuff higher up the furniture food chain than Mr. Bennet has provided.
Now what about the piece I am calling  "A Writing Desk for Mr. Darcy"...???
The two settings in which I recall seeing him "write" are
no 1. at Mr. Bingley's residence-Netherfield  Hall and
no. 2  his aunts residence- Rosings Park.
Here I am already in quandary. 
While Mr. Bingley is certainly a man of no mean fortune, his overall setting is generally depicted to be a rung or two down from Darcy and  his rich Aunt-Lady Catherine. So elegant as surroundings he could afford-they were probably not as elaborate as would be found at Darcy's Pemberly Estate.
Lady Catherine's- tastes seemed to cross the line towards gaudy, and whilst her nephew could afford such surroundings he kept his elegant and refined. So where would I want this piece to reside? I'll take the money from any of them but It would probably look best at Netherfield Hall.
Designing Mr. Darcy's Writing Desk
Well enough talk let us move along to pictures of the desk in progress.
Follow the links below. They will be updated as I make progress on the desk.

114 Woodward Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
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