Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young

Custom Fine Furniture by Alan Young
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An Arranged Marriage!
It started when a couple was rebuilding and restoring the rear building at a Washington D.C. row house. My clients had done a tremendous amount of work on the structure of the building and had turned the upstairs into a studio space.
At some point they crossed paths with my work and we began to work on a cabinet design that would utilize the stained glass window as a feature in the door frame.
The cabinet design takes the flower element found in the stained glass window and utilizes it in shop made brass hardware and marquetry designs in the lower doors.
After many months of work here is the final result.
Here is the brass hardware I made for the doors.
Here are the marquetry overlays for the lower cabinet doors.
The doors open to reveal three drawers that hold CD's.
This cabinet will live in studio with furniture and woodwork created by artits from various time periods and countries.
The framing for the studio's stained glass was done by Jose Araujo from Portugal. The other woodwork in the room was fitted or erected by Gustavo Navarro from Chile.  
The floor was laid by Jose Pena from Mexico.
The other stained glass windows, in the studio were created by 
Rick Streitfeld in California  

This table is brass inlaid over tortoise shell- over wood. It was made  by André-Charles Boulle. 
(11 November 1642 – 28 February 1732)
Boulle was the French cabinetmaker who is generally considered to be the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry. 
My clients obtained this stained glass panel 15 years ago from a furniture company going out of business. It lived for a while in one of the windows of their studio until they rebuilt that window, and then it waited to be reincarnated in a new cabinet.
This Inlay Table was made by Varun Mehta of India
His fame in marquetry led to his name being given to the fashion he perfected of inlaying brass and tortoiseshell, known as Boulle
 (or, in 19th-century Britain, Buhl work).
It is a great honor to have a piece included in this special setting.